O  R  S  O  N  W  I   L  D  S


New Single

November 15, 2023

As I get older and I see my friends having kids, I’ve started to see how much work goes into being a parent. How you set aside everything to give all you can to this little life that you are responsible for, and just hope they grow up and go out there and have a good life. It’s a tremendous sacrifice and I become more and more grateful that I’ve had parents who have made the sacrifices they have to give me a chance at happiness. Our new song, “Be Brave,” is about parents and keeping your head up when times are tough.

Dedicated to all of our moms, “Be Brave” is available to stream and share on all platforms.

Mixed and mastered by John Goodmanson (Death Cab For Cutie, Los Campesinos!, Blonde Redhead, Nirvana), this song comes from a very unguarded place. It’s also a lot less bleak in terms of subject matter than what we generally gravitate towards. We wanted “Be Brave” to start with a single vocal and have a stripped down approach to symbolize having to go out into the world on your own for the first time. It was written on an acoustic guitar so that remains the main component throughout.

September 15, 2023

All of my favourite albums are short.  When I hit the 45 minute mark and some singer is still wailing on about whatever shit, I start getting a bit irritated.  Fortunately, we have two singers in our band, so we can break up the wailing a bit, but still.  Just for a bit more context on the short albums: The Strokes - Room on Fire is 33 minutes.  Revolver is 35 minutes.  So here is our album, it's 28 minutes.  It's techincally an EP, I guess.  But its a length that should go down easy enough, and it's as long as a full length.  So is it an LP or an EP?  I'll let you decide.  It was recorded pretty quickly.  We recorded the drums first, didn't do much editing on them, and then we all played to those drums so it feels like it breathes and moves like a live recording.  Normally, I'll go through my long list of demos and take my favourite ideas and we'll go and record those songs proper.  For this, I took the last six songs I had written and we went and recorded those.  I wanted to get the feeling and headspace to feel unified.  These songs were written in a post pandemic world, and I just really wanted to go to shows and rock out again, so the whole thing is pretty high energy.  And now these songs are yours.


July 20, 2023

We're very stoked to announce our new EP will be out September 15 via Take This To Heart Records.  It's six songs long and clocks in at 28 minutes, which means its more of a full length album than an EP...but who's really keeping track anymore.  We had a great time recording this together, we hope you have a great time listening to it whilst doing whatever it is you do.  This album is the result of us going on tour together and trying to capture the kinetic energy that is created when you spend so much time sharing a stage with people you love.  The artwork was done by my friend Jacque Armijo and it perfectly captures the spirit of the songs. 

These songs were written and recorded in late 2022 and early 2023.  Mike Sapone helped with production on some songs and Vince Ratti mixed it.  Joe LaPorta mastered it.  

It's available to pre-order on colored vinyl or classic black, and it's definitely a beautiful thing to behold. Pre-Orders are happening HERE. 

We also made a music video for "Backstab Myself".  

Alright, talk soon!  -Eric